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Personalised ski socks

9 gift ideas for the sport lover

Stuck for ideas for someone who loves sport and being active? Try these for size...

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Caroline Flack in Strictly Come Dancing, BBC/Ray Burmiston

Sweet Caroline

Norfolk born television presenter Caroline Flack tells Rachel Buller about her joy at being in Strictly Come Dancing and why she can’t wait to come home for Christmas.

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Ilex aq. ferox argentea (Silver hedgehog holly)

Garden guide

With winter, the evergreen plants which give our gardens their structure become more prominent features. The most seasonal of these evergreens are hollies.

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Mince pies


Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, Christmas would not be Christmas without mince pies.

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Christmas crackers

Crackers about crackers!

Christmas crackers are an essential part of the festivities – but the debris of crepe and crowns, trinkets and snaps is usually the first thing to be cleared away as the turkey and trimmings are tackled.

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St Mary's Church, Diss. Picture by: Sonya Duncan

My favourite view

I chose this view because the handsome church dominates the pleasant town of Diss

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Elaine Riley at Mustard Café in Bridewell Alley. Photo: Bill Smith

Recipe for success

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

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Ed Wharton, who grows blackcurrants at his family-run business in Filby

Mists and mellow fruitfulness

Two fruit farmers and members of the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association explain why the county is the perfect year–round home for fruit crops.

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Charlie Labrador and Jan Brookes-Bullen, Blickling Hall

Tails of the National Trust

Jan Brookes-Bullen, house manager at Blickling Hall, tells us about Labrador Charlie.

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Rupert Farquharson, managing director of Woodforde's Brewery at Woodbastwick. Photo: Bill Smith

The BIG idea

Please tell us a little about the history of Woodforde’s.

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Financial advice for the festive season

Timely advice

It’s often over Christmas and New Year that we think about our financial futures, but few people really have the time or inclination to understand the hundreds of financial products currently on the market.

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Mincemeat ready for Christmas.

Get ready!

Mincemeat is one of the staple ingredients in my Christmas larder.

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Fireworks affects both pets and wildlife

Pet subject

It’s that time of year again, the seemingly relentless celebrations that include filling the sky with the bright lights and loud sounds of fireworks. And while some people actively seek out bonfire celebrations and fireworks displays, pet owners have grown to despise this time of year as the celebrations are no longer just on Guy Fawkes night, but extend for weeks. The noise pollution caused by fireworks affects both pets and wildlife.

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How to remove wax build up

Ask the experts

Please could you advise regarding the removal of wax polish which has built up on a veneer table.

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A seal ring

Sealed in heraldry

A seal (a matrix or die) is a device for making an impression or embossment in wax, clay or paper.

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What has happened to table manners?


When I told my son to sit up straight and take his elbows off the table, he said “But why?” Well, what could I say? I have absolutely no idea why – it’s just not the done thing!

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View of Blickling Hall at night time, Blickling Estate, Norfolk.

Trust in tradition

Christmas traditions are part and parcel of what makes the festive season so special, from decorating the family tree to nibbling on home-made mince pies. The National Trust cares for some of Norfolk’s most special places, all perfect spots to delight in old family traditions or even start some new ones.

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