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Voewood, Holt and owner Simon Finch.

Arts and crafts, rock ‘n’ roll or Rebel spirit

Sitting at the kitchen table at Voewood House it is impossible not to be distracted. Intriguing, amusing, strange art and curios fill every space – from stuffed birds in a glass case to a tiny sketch of a chimpanzee in a ruff and a Marmite sign.

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Gone Crabbing hoodie


Burnham Deepdale label Gone Crabbing has a fantastic new range for summer

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Consider your options to mitigate Inheritance Tax

Keep it in the family

Since 6 April, 2009, the individual Inheritance Tax (IHT) nil rate band has been fixed at £325,000 and will remain at this level until at least April 2018. Families can offset up to £650,000 of a joint estate upon second death, provided none of the nil rate band was used at first death. Above these amounts tax is paid at 40pc, potentially leaving a large hole in a family’s inheritance. Careful planning can help to reduce or mitigate an IHT liability as follows:

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Destined for Gallipoli: the officers of the 5th Battalion in Watford in 1915 before heading overseas

Norfolk’s pride

It was a spectacle Colin Ballard would never forget. The Great War, though it had yet to acquire that title, was barely 20 days old and the commanding officer of the first unit of the Norfolk Regiment to fight on European soil for more than half a century found himself at the forefront of a global struggle which would eclipse every conflict that had gone before.

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Fleas are a problem for cats in the summer months

Pet subject

Summer is in full swing and for vets that often means that we see more itchy pets in our consultations. As it gets warmer, some of these can develop into quite a problem, and I especially do not like the dreaded “hot spots” caused by a combination of a skin infection and itching.

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Jousting at the Medieval Spectacular at Pensthorpe. Picture: Ian Burt

Norfolk day and night

I love the chance to work in historic buildings such as Holkham Hall, and Pensthorpe is special to me too.

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Jay Moore is the chef at North Creake Abbey Cafe. Picture: Ian Burt

Fabulous, flip-flop friendly

Why did you choose to become a chef? I was inspired by the chefs I worked with as a kitchen porter.

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Park House Hotel, Sandringham

Holidays to remember

A break from routine, a sense of freedom and a little luxury – three aspects that we all look forward to in our holidays. For some people who have disabilities and special care requirements, these three things can prove elusive. But as more businesses around the county look towards improving facilities, thinking creatively, and understanding the needs of a wider range of potential visitors, Norfolk’s holiday industry has so much it can offer.

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Gabriel's Garden, salad and edible flowers

Taste buds

It was on a flying visit to Wyken Farmers’ Market that I met this month’s wonderfully creative producer, Gabriel Reid, selling beautiful hand-tied posies of spring flowers. Eclectic mixes of flowers and colours gathered together in a relaxed, beautiful way – my kind of flower arranging.

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Elm Hill, Norwich

Norfolk day and night

DAY – I would start my day collecting a flat white and a silver brownie from Macarons & More in the Royal Arcade.

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Joules bistro set

Inspired by . . . vintage

We’re rocking the retro feel this month with a nostalgic nod to all things classic, vintage and British from times gone by.

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Fit for summer

Fit for summer

Summer is here and despite promising yourself that you would make every effort to get fit all year long, if it never quite happened there is still time to get in shape while the sun is still shining! Here are Norwich-based personal trainer James Robinson’s top tips to help you along the way.

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What's in your bag - Vikki King.

In my bag . . .

Running two busy Norfolk pubs and restaurants, Vikki King’s handbag is very much a mobile office as she flits between businesses and keeps on top of family life.

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For Sale Sign

Signed and sealed

A covenant is a promise made in relation to the property. It can either be a promise to do something (a positive covenant) or not to do something (a restrictive covenant).

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Strawberry Jelly and Custard
Dish prepared by Richard Hughes,The Lavender House, Brundall

Strawberries, jelly and custard

Make approx 6/8 dessert glasses

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David Lambert, head of the theatre school, pictured at Norwich Theatre Royal. Photo: Steve Adams

Stages of life

Despite his parents’ best efforts to dissuade him, David Lambert always knew he would follow their footsteps into the theatre. And for students, past and present, of the Norwich Theatre Royal’s art course they will always be thankful that he ignored their advice.

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Silver-washed fritillary,  Sandra Lockwood

A month of butterflies

On a bright day all Norfolk’s habitats shimmer with their ephemeral wings.

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