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Love your parks feature on Eaton Park, Norwich.

Park life

If you are looking for the archetypal park then Norwich’s Eaton Park is just about perfect.

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Rabbit on a white background

Pet subject

One of the first pets I was allowed to care for, with the help of my parents, was a rabbit. It was acquired for me because the care was less involved than that of a cat or dog. My rabbit happily lived on some pellets and the odd carrot or bit of fruit and maybe a bit of hay. He was in quite a small cage with no run attached. It goes without saying that he was protected from the elements and predators, but other than that and letting him out to run around the garden with me weekly, he got very little in the way of environmental enrichment. I might also add that he was a large white rabbit traditionally used for “production” rather than the pet trade and had very little health problems because of it.

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Lady Dannatt, High Sheriff of Norfolk, at home near Norwich. Photo: Bill Smith

Hearts and minds

Despite moving house 24 times in 34 years, Norfolk has always been home for Lady Philippa Dannatt of Keswick, the new High Sheriff of Norfolk.

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Great Britain's Pippa Horn in action

Game, set and match

Norfolk has a burgeoning tennis scene and in recent years there has been a huge drive to attract new players young and old.

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Healthy sunbathing - UV protection concept

Skin safe

We should all know the importance of keeping an eye on our skin for any suspicious growths or changes in moles. Most of us do this ourselves and with the help of our family and friends.

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Richard Hughes step by step, lobster pasta.
Photo by Simon Finlay.

Lobster spaghetti with garlic, chilli and ginger

This month’s recipe is the ultimate “rich man, poor man” dish - a term much loved in the chef’s community, whereby we take a luxury ingredient and pair it with something from the humble end of the shopping list.

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Folly Tearoom, Holt

Tea time!

Get caught up at the Courtyard

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North West Norfolk Sailing Week

Sailing into summer

Dozens of sailors will descend on our coastline this month for one of the country’s oldest regattas, and it promises to be a week of great competition and camaraderie.

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The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall leaving the Sandringham Flower Show. Picture: Ian Burt

Sandringham blooms again

It’s hard to imagine summer without one of Norfolk’s best-loved outdoor events – whatever the weather.

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The contents of Gaye Youngman's bag when she visited Uganda. Gaye with her bag. Picture: Denise Bradley

In my bag . . .

She helped found the Big C charity shops 20 years ago and established Norfolk charity LILAC – Ladies In League Against Cancer. Now, Gaye Youngman from Attleborough has embarked on a new fundraising challenge taking her thousands of miles away.

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Collecting militaria

A piece of history

With the first centenary of the First World War rapidly approaching, the interest in collecting militaria has never been stronger, and so it should be. Millions of people across the world still feel a connection with the Great War for Civilisation. They knew the people whose lives were changed by it. They remain moved by the enduring works of art that were created as a response to it. They live with its unresolved political legacies. The First World War created a common sense of history that, decades later, still links people from many disparate nations.

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Sir Henry Bedingfeld, Oxburgh Hall, Oxborough. Picture: Ian Burt

Heir today, and heir tomorrow too!

Oxburgh Hall has passed from father to son, occasionally via a brother, for more than half a millennium.

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Photographer Jarowan Power

Auto Power

Born in Great Yarmouth, raised between Norfolk and Ireland, and schooled at Notre Dame in Norwich, Jarowan grew up fixing, playing and talking about cars.

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Theater Freiburg present Tannhauser

Opera epic

Thousands of opera fans will be flocking to Norwich this month to see two of Wagner’s epic works. With people coming from as far afield as Australia, the visit of the prestigious German company Theater Freiburg promises to be a major event in Norwich’s cultural calendar.

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Leg of lamb baked in hay

Leg of Lamb Baked in Hay

Will serve eight to 10 generously

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Roasted red peppers with cous cous

Roasted Red Peppers with Cous Cous

This is a lovely dish on its own with a green salad and crusty bread or as an accompaniment to a summer meal. You can use round peppers for this but the look and taste of the long Romano is spectacular.

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Dale Farm, Dereham

Up the garden path

Dale Farm in Dereham has two acres of exuberantly planted borders featuring more than 700 plant varieties in a lakeside setting. The garden was a finalist in “Britain’s Best Gardeners Garden Competition” in 2013 and will have wide range of plants for sale.

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Worstead Festival

Festival fun

Gay attended the very first Worstead festival in 1966, as a three-month-old baby, and hasn’t missed one yet. She helps prepare for and run the festival and is in charge of press and publicity. As well as being a great community event, Worstead Festival raises money for the village, and organisations including its choir and youth club and local churches.

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