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PUBLISHED: 10:46 15 July 2020 | UPDATED: 10:57 15 July 2020

Hunstanton's famous striped cliffs   Picture: Simon Bamber/iwitness24

Hunstanton's famous striped cliffs Picture: Simon Bamber/iwitness24

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Put your Norfolk knowledge to the test with the third part of our quiz

The former Bishop of Norwich, Rt Rev Graham James on the Wherry Albion 
PHOTO: ANTONY KELLYThe former Bishop of Norwich, Rt Rev Graham James on the Wherry Albion PHOTO: ANTONY KELLY


1 Who, named for this month and with a crooked house, was thrice Lord Mayor of Norwich?

2 Which Balearic island will be name-checked at a major musical event at Blickling in August 2021?

3 Which August event was set to serve up its centenary on the lawn this month (but will now be celebrating next year)?

Sally Francis has started her Saffron harvest in North Norfolk. Picture: Ian BurtSally Francis has started her Saffron harvest in North Norfolk. Picture: Ian Burt

4 What happened on August 26 and 27, 1912, and prompted people in countries as far afield as the USA, Australia and South Africa to send money to Norwich? 
A) The mustard crop was destroyed by canaries 
B) The great fire of Norwich
C) Catastrophic floods

5 Which brick-towered church, dedicated to a suitably named saint for this month, has an elaborate memorial for the architect who designed Holkham Hall?

6 What national first did the man born at Houghton Hall, near Fakenham on August 26, 1676, go on to achieve?

7 On August 27, 1549, which local hero from Wymondham was defeated and captured in Norwich?

Steam pours from the stack at the Cantley Sugar Beet factory. Picture: DENISE BRADLEYSteam pours from the stack at the Cantley Sugar Beet factory. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

8 Why would dragons normally be racing at Downham Market in August?

9 What big county event usually spreads from the third week of August into the entire month, from the sea to the sky and from fancy dress to crabbing competitions?

10 Where is the Bishop of Norwich going when he makes a boat trip on the first Sunday in August?

Norwich Market   Picture: DENISE BRADLEYNorwich Market Picture: DENISE BRADLEY


1 How long is the Norfolk coast?

2 What is the Sheringham Shoal?

3 What is the 20-mile-long feature off the north Norfolk coast, dubbed Britain’s Great Barrier Reef, made from?

4 Which Great Yarmouth seafront attraction could be on the Adriatic rather than the North Sea?

5 Which Great Yarmouth seafront building was shipped from Torquay in Devon in 1904?

6 What starts in Knettishall, near Thetford and ends at Holme-next-the-Sea?

7 Where are Norfolk’s famous striped cliffs?

8 Which Norfolk beach starred in the 2019 Beatles-inspired Danny Boyle/Richard Curtis film Yesterday?

9 Where did the Queen once have a beach hut?

10 Which seaside resort became an internationally famous archaeological site this century?


1 For how many centuries has Norwich Market been trading at its current site?

2 Where might you find Wensum White, Ruby Dapple, Gurney Gold and Deopham Blewe?

A) A cheese board

B) A special Norfolk game of Cluedo

C) Flying over a Norfolk wildlife reserve.

3 Which Holt store has had nine generations of a family involved in running it?

4 How many years has Jarrold been in business?

5 Who is the link between a King’s Lynn shopping centre and a city in Canada?

6 What food item did Jarrold chief executive Minnie Moll say many people were queueing for when the Norwich store opened after lockdown?

7 Which Fakenham business was founded in 1892 and is still selling furniture and furnishings in Fakenham and Norwich?

8 Where did Roys of Wroxham open its first store?
A) Wroxham
B) Hoveton
C) Coltishall

9 Which East Anglian business with more than 120 food shops is owned by more than 280,000 people?

10 Where is Dalegate Market?

Have you tried part two of the Norfolk quiz?

Food & Drink

1 How many Michelin-starred restaurants does Norfolk have?

2 What is the smallest pub in Norfolk?

3 What is Copy’s Cloud?

4 True or false: Saffron is grown in Norfolk

5 What is a bloater?

6 What metal would you associate with a breed of turkey?

7 What tasty crustacean is Cromer noted for?

8 Cantley is famed for processing which essential foodstuff?

9 The Norfolk coast is rich with what type of sea plant, eaten as a delicacy?

10 What sweet treat to you associate the name Docwra with?

Norfolk dialect

1 If I ‘dassent’ do something, what do I mean?

2 Who sang the song ‘Hev yew got a loight, bor?’

3 Where would you find a Shannock?

4 Do erriwiggles bite?

5 Is this troshin’ season?

6 What is a Dodman?

7 Would you eat a loke or walk down it?

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8 Which comedy duo are famed for their Norfolk-based acts?

9 If you have the dudders, what is wrong?

10 If you have hulled a dwile, what have you done?



1 Augustine Steward

2 Ibiza

3 Hunstanton Lawn Tennis Tournament

4 C) Catastrophic flooding which saw the river rise 16.5 feet above its normal high tide levels and destroy many thousands of homes.

5 St Augustine’s, Norwich

6 Robert Walpole became Britain’s first Prime Minister.

7 Robert Kett

8 Dragon boat racing is part of the Downham Market Water Festival, usually held in August.

9 Cromer Carnival

10 To lead an open-air service in the ruins of St Benet’s Abbey, near Ludham. Every Bishop of Norwich is also Abbot of St Benet’s.


1 Around 90 miles.

2 An offshore wind farm

3 Chalk

4 The Venetian Waterways

5 The Winter Gardens

6 Peddars Way

7 Hunstanton

8 Gorleston

9 Wells-next-the-Sea

10 Happisburgh – when flint tools, and then footprints, made by humans more than 800,000 years ago were found.


1 Nine

2 A) A cheeseboard.

3 Bakers & Larners

4 250 years

5 King’s Lynn-born sailor, explorer and mapper George Vancouver. The Vancouver Centre in Lynn, a city and island in Canada and mountains in American and New Zealand are all named for him.

6 The store’s famous scones.

7 Aldiss

8 C) Coltishall

9 The East of England Co-op

10 Burnham Deepdale

Food & Drink:

1 Two – The Neptune in Hunstanton and Morston Hall

2 The Adam and Eve, Norwich

3 A Norfolk-made brie-style cheese

4 True; it is grown on the north Norfolk coast

5 A cold-smoked herring from Great Yarmouth

6 Bronze, as in Norfolk Bronze

7 Crab

8 Sugar

9 Samphire

10 Great Yarmouth rock

Norfolk dialect:

1 I dare not

2 Alan Smethurst, the singing postman

3 Sheringham – that is the name for a native of the town

4 Not as a rule – but the earwig’s fearsome pincers earwigs might give you a little nip

5 Yes, at least it used to be. Troshin means threshing

6 A snail

7 Walk down it – it is a narrow lane

8 The Nimmo Twins

9 You are shaking or shivering

10 Thrown a floor-cloth. Dwile-flonking, involving a beer-soaked cloth and two teams, is a pub game

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