Better than a barbie?

PUBLISHED: 12:13 01 June 2016 | UPDATED: 12:48 01 June 2016

Big Green Egg in action

Big Green Egg in action


What can possibly be better than a barbecue?

It’s a versatile tandoori-style outdoor oven, doubling up as a smoker, grill, BBQ, griddle and roaster all in one.The Big Green Egg is available at Diss Ironworks, a family-owned and run business in the heart of Diss, Norfolk. Set up in 1973, Diss Ironworks specialises in range cookers, log burners, ironmongery and now a range of splendid Big Green Eggs.

“But what’s wrong with the barbecue in my garden?” I hear you asking. Well, the barbecue in your garden isn’t the Swiss Army Knife of barbecues.

The Big Green Egg is a charcoal BBQ made of solid ceramic. The air vents at the top and bottom can be opened and closed to control the temperature anywhere between 80 degrees C and 400 degrees C - an immense range so you can cook just about anything on it. And I mean anything.

From maximum umami crust on steaks to slow cooking ribs or brisket overnight, the ceramic insulation keeps the heat within the Egg and it eliminates the air loss so juices stay locked in and food doesn’t dry out. On most charcoal BBQs, once you have a flare up there’s not much you can do to stop your meat burning on the outside while staying uncooked on the inside. This is totally different on the Egg. You remain in control. Perfect cooking every time means you look like a BBQ professional straight away.

The Egg’s versatility makes it more than just a barbecue. The variety of recipes makes it an outdoor chef’s dream come true. Take tandoori prawns, for instance. The only thing better than the sound of those two words is the way they taste.

Mix up some natural yoghurt, hot sauce, ginger, garlic, lemon juice and salt and pepper. Coat the prawns then leave them to chill for an hour. Grill them in your outdoor oven for a couple of minutes each side and serve with pickles, spring onions, coriander and olive oil.

Tandoori PrawnsTandoori Prawns

Or for something slow, maybe try pork cheek tacos. Fry then grind up some fennel seeds, coriander seeds, black peppercorns, chilli and paprika. Rub it into some pork cheek, then cover in foil and bake it slowly in the Egg for a good few hours. Unwrap and add some barbecue sauce. Leave it for a bit more, then serve with some flour tortillas, spring onions and sour cream.

Pork Cheek TacosPork Cheek Tacos

With the Big Green Egg you’re getting a grill, a smoker, a brick-oven, and a convection oven all in one. It’s built to exacting standards and you can expect it to last far longer than that rusty grill sitting on your deck right now. If you enjoy not just grilling, but cooking outside as much as possible, then you should consider a Big Green Egg. In fact, there are probably a few fathers out there who’d love one of these for Father’s Day.

Big Green Eggs are available to see on display and purchase from Diss Ironworks. Live cookery demonstrations available on request.

Visit, email or call 01379 643978 for more information.

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