Have luxurious potted Norfolk shrimp delivered to your door

PUBLISHED: 09:00 29 May 2020

Stoberry potted shrimp. Photo: Stoberry

Stoberry potted shrimp. Photo: Stoberry


Stoberry Potted Shrimps of King’s Lynn have been delivering luxury seafood to UK kitchens for 15 years, as Miranda Laing explains

Stoberry potted shrimp. Photo: StoberryStoberry potted shrimp. Photo: Stoberry

What’s so good about the brown shrimp?

They are fully sustainable and have a uniquely sweet flavour which cannot be found anywhere else

Are they a seasonal ingredient?

Sea Bass, potted brown shrimp, asparagus and green beans. Photo: Dominic CastleSea Bass, potted brown shrimp, asparagus and green beans. Photo: Dominic Castle

It is possible to catch brown shrimps all year round, however they are most abundant from Spring when the water temperature increases with a lull in Summer and ending in late Autumn when the water temperature decreases again.

Who catches them, and where are they found?

Brown shrimps can be found in shallow coastal waters and like a muddy and sandy bottom. Ours are caught in the shallow inner channels of the Wash using light beam trawlers from Kings Lynn.

How are they prepared after they’re caught?

They are cleaned and sorted and then boiled on board the trawlers to ensure freshness. They are then hand peeled, a time consuming process but one which ensures that their distinctive sweet flavour is not lost by more commercial methods. We then pot then in small batches with a mix of butter and secret spices before they are frozen and can last up to 6 months.

How do you get them to the customers?

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We ship using special packaging and ice blocks so that arrive with the customer ready to be put straight in the freezer or to be eaten straight away with hot toast!

How long has Stoberry been going?

Stoberry was founded over 15 years ago by a husband and wife team, however I have recently taken over the business and launched it online.

How do people get hold of them?

Currently most of our sales come via our web site but they are also available at a number of farm shops, fishmongers and butchers nationally.

Do you have a favourite recipe?

I love them simply melted over local seasonal asparagus or stirred through some spaghetti with some grated courgette, chilli and lemon.

Taste Test

Miranda sent us a couple of sample pots to try; we kept it simple and pan-fried some sea bass fillets, steamed some Norfolk asparagus and green beans and new potatoes. We gently heated the potted shrimp in a small pan and spooned them over the fish on the plate. It was delicious; the tiny shrimp have a sweet, delicate flavour and the butter a hint of spicing. A real treat.

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