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PUBLISHED: 06:39 25 August 2014

Mango and Raspberry sorbet

Mango and Raspberry sorbet

Archant Norfolk Photographic © 2011


A sorbet is really just an ice dessert without cream or eggs. So, it is an excellent option for anyone on a dairy-free or low cholesterol diet. Sorbets normally have an intense flavour, but remember to make sure it is strong as freezing the liquid will soften the end result.

The basis of many sorbets is a quantity of water, sugar and lemon or lime juice boiled together to make a sugar stock. This is chilled and added to a smooth fruit puree or liquid. If you ever have any fizzy wine or champagne left over from a party it makes the most amazing sorbet. Some fruits are full of juice and I don’t think need the addition of water.

If you don’t have an ice cream maker you will get a better textured sorbet if you pour it into a covered tub, let it nearly freeze, then scoop it into the processor or liquidiser jug and whizz to a mush, then cover and refreeze.

Raspberry Sorbet

This is a lovely refreshing sorbet.

500g fresh Norfolk raspberries

The juice of a medium orange

The juice of a fresh lime

200g caster sugar

Puree the ingredients together in the processor or liquidiser, long enough for the sugar to dissolve.

Pour into a container and freeze or put into your ice cream maker.

Mango Sorbet

This is one of my favourite sorbets. It’s so refreshing and works beautifully served with the raspberry sorbet.

The flesh of 2 large or 3 medium ripe mangos

The juice of 4 limes

150g caster sugar

Puree all the ingredients in the processor or liquidiser, long enough for the sugar to dissolve. Taste to make sure you have added enough sugar.

If too sharp, add more sugar, a dessertspoon of sugar at a time until you have reached the right balance.

Pour into a container or ice cream maker and freeze.

Lemon Sorbet

I think this is the first sorbet I ever tasted. It is still a classic recipe, light and refreshing and good served after a spicy or heavy meal. You can use the same recipe for lime sorbet by substituting the lemons for 10 unwaxed limes.

375ml boiling water

250g caster sugar

6 unwaxed lemons

1 Pour the boiling water over the sugar in a heat-proof bowl and stir to dissolve the sugar.

2 Using a potato peeler, remove the rind from the lemons in long strips and add to the syrup with the juice from them too. Stand to one side (or preferably leave in the fridge overnight) and chill for a good couple of hours to infuse.

3 Once infused, strain and either freeze in a covered container or pour into your ice cream maker.

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