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PUBLISHED: 05:32 02 February 2015

Picking a name for baby

Picking a name for baby


Choosing your baby’s name can be a wonderful moment of inspiration or take months of discussion and argument! So what names have proved popular in Norfolk in 2014, asks Rachel Buller.

There are lots of things to take into account when choosing a name for your baby, and it can be a minefield of decisions. Does your favoured name work with your surname? Are you wishing to carry on a family tradition? Will it still sound cute when they hit adulthood? And most importantly can you both agree on one. For decades, certain baby names regularly come in and out of fashion, dictated by all manner of things.

There are babies named after pop stars, actors or even favourite footballers – even whole teams of footballers. Some people will be inspired by a favourite holiday location or honeymoon spot and the Royal family have long shaped trends in baby names.

Top names in Norfolk, as registered in the birth announcements of our sister paper, the Eastern Daily Press between January and November 2014, still have a very traditional feel – although there have been a few more interesting additions in the past year.

The most popular girls name is Libby – taking over from Amelia, which has topped the list locally and nationally for some time. It is closely followed by Annabelle, Isla, Olivia, Poppy and Thea. There are also some more unusual names making the list, this time including Elodie, Honey, Camilla and Margot.

There was a surge in the number of Georges nationwide following the birth of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s first son, but it is another traditional royal name which has proved a hit this year in Norfolk. For the boys, Henry was the most popular name by a large margin. This was followed by Alfie, Finley, Oscar, Timothy and William – all in equal second place. New additions on the list were Vincent and Vinny, and the more unusual Rui.

Nationally, there is said to be a surge in the popularity of medieval names being chosen by parents in 2014 – such as Wyatt, Audley and Peyton for boys and Millicent, Elvina and Kendra.

The last annual baby name survey compiled by the Office for National Statistics found that the most popular names in 2013 in East Anglia were Jack and Amelia. Characters from televisions shows such as Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey and even Breaking Bad also made an impact on the list for 2013, while the past year has seen an increase in the name Elsa, one of the lead characters in Disney’s hit film Frozen.

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