Fit for summer

PUBLISHED: 06:51 25 August 2014

Fit for summer

Fit for summer


Summer is here and despite promising yourself that you would make every effort to get fit all year long, if it never quite happened there is still time to get in shape while the sun is still shining! Here are Norwich-based personal trainer James Robinson’s top tips to help you along the way.

Going up and down the stairs will raise your heart rate, helping burn more calories, and toning your bottom and legs. When that becomes too easy, try two steps at a time and get in the habit of running up and down them.

Press-ups are great for the upper body. Lay on your stomach with your weight supported by your hands and knees (or toes if you can). Lower your body down, stop when your elbow joints are in line with your shoulders and reverse the motion back up. Then do it again.

Lunges work the front and back of the thighs, the calves and the biggest muscle in the body - the bottom. Take a step back, and slowly bend down, so your back knee almost touches the ground. Push up with your legs, and bring the leg back to the starting position. Change sides and repeat. Do 10 on each side, you’ll soon feel the difference.

If you have an hour for lunch, make the most of it. Spend 15 minutes eating your sandwich and that leaves a whole 45 minutes for physical activity. So why not go for a brisk walk?

Triceps dips can be performed anywhere. Sit on the edge of a bench, or a bed or a step with your feet out in front of you. Grip the edge of the step, keep your back straight and slowly lower your body down. Then return to the original position. It will tone your triceps - bingo wings - and shoulders, and boost your metabolism.

Exercise while you watch TV - do some press-ups or lunges or perhaps a few sit-ups every time the ad break is on.

Whether it’s scrubbing the floor or washing the windows, use some elbow grease and you can raise your heart rate and tone your muscles at the same time. The same applies for gardening and ironing. So there’s no excuse!

Star jumps get your pulse racing to burn extra calories and tone your upper and lower body. Try 100 star jumps against the clock, then try to beat it.

From as little as £15 you can buy 10kg dumbbells. With those you can tone and sculpt the body. Keep them by the bed, or next to the telephone, so the next time you chat you do a few biceps curls at the same time.

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