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PUBLISHED: 05:14 02 March 2015

Proposal of marriage

Proposal of marriage


Love is in the air as James Hawkins of the Gold Ship at Diss shares the origins of Valentine’s Day romance.

Six carat diamond cluster ringSix carat diamond cluster ring

February has long been associated with romance and love; its origins began as a liturgical celebration for the early Christian saints, with the feast day taken from the pagan festival on February 14. There are two St Valentine’s who we associate with February 14, and both are honoured with the same saint’s day.

The two St Valentines are Valentine of Interamna (Modern Terni) and Valentine of Rome. Valentine of Terni became bishop of Interamna around AD 197 and is said to have been martyred during the persecution under Emperor Aurelian and buried on the Via Fleminia. Valentine of Rome meanwhile was a priest in Rome who was martyred around AD 496. He is also buried on the Via Fleminia, but in a different location.

In the Middle Ages, Geoffrey Chaucer – regarded as the father of English literature – developed the courtly and romantic fable showing couples’ affection for each other by the giving of gifts and flowers. This notion flourished throughout the 14th century, the romantic idealism manifested through tales and exaggerated writings eventually evolving into today’s modern concept for St Valentine’s Day.

Through its association with romance it became popular to get engaged during the month of February. Following the De Beers 1947 advertising campaign, the slogan “A diamond is forever” was introduced. The consumer was indispensably hooked – by the 1960s, the most popular engagement ring gemstone was a diamond, outselling any other stone by a ratio of eight to one. Diamonds had become a girl’s best friend and with it the “bling” culture was born.

The average spent on an engagement ring is three months’ salary. This, on reflection, incorporating a visible show of wealth and the commitment intended for the bride-to-be. Richard Burton once said he had never known a woman to refuse a diamond.

At Juels’ Limited we have a diamond engagement ring collection to suit all budgets. These range from the pre-owned 0.2ct old cut diamond solitaires set in 18ct gold from £99, through to half carat 0.5ct brilliant diamond solitaires set in 18ct white and yellow gold from £325, one carat brilliant cut diamonds from £499, a selection of two carat plus solitaires set in 18ct white gold or platinum from £1,750 to the exquisite six carat diamond cluster consisting of a 2.44ct intense Baunaice yellow pear cut diamond for an unmistakable show of affection.

Through our trading routes within the industry, any ring can be sourced to reflect any price tag. For all enquiries on our engagement ring selection, contact James at Juels’ Limited, The Gold Shop, Diss.

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