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PUBLISHED: 09:11 10 March 2014 | UPDATED: 10:33 11 March 2014

Lanassir Lawes of Swank Interiors in Bresssingham. Photograph Simon Parker

Lanassir Lawes of Swank Interiors in Bresssingham. Photograph Simon Parker


If you are planning to build a new home or extensive renovation of an existing property, considering the interior design at an early stage of the project is essential – there is so much planning that goes into making sure the electrics and plumbing are in the right place before floors are laid and walls are


We are completely renovating our own home and have just had new underfloor heating installed. This is something that I would always recommend when finances and the building structure allows. The need for radiators is eliminated, giving more flexibility to the furniture layout – so often the radiator positions dictate the layout out a room. If you are installing radiators, confirm the furniture layout before work starts, then you can ensure that the radiators are positioned to suit you and the pipework is hidden.

Similarly with electrics, I always work backwards starting by completing the furniture layout to make sure that lighting, plug sockets and switches are in the right places. The lighting scheme can really make or break a room. By knowing the exact position of a dining table, you can place decorative fittings above, similarly by planning the position of artwork in advance you can highlight them with accent lighting.

Builders, electricians and plumbers will want answers to all of these questions quickly so as not to hold up a project. So make sure that you are prepared; getting in professional help from an interior designer can save you making costly mistakes as we deal with these issues on a daily basis.

Another area that can be overlooked – but to me is an important detail – is architectural style that is chosen for doors, architraves and skirtings. Consider the period of the property and the interior style chosen. In contemporary homes, square-cut skirting and flush doors with simple detailing works well but in a Georgian property I would look at deeper, ornate skirting, cornice and six-panel doors.

Even if your property is being redecorated room by room it is good to set the style of joinery and ironmongery before you start, then change each room as you go along. If you need a little help to get started on your home then my new “home inspiration day” workshop could be useful; a day filled with tips and ideas of how to start to create your perfect home. Full details are available on our website, or phone 01379 687542.

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