Q&A with G&D Ventures owners Greg Adjemian and Daniel Smith

PUBLISHED: 12:54 26 June 2017

The Wildebeest restaurant, Stoke Holy Cross. Greg Adjemian and Daniel Smith (photo: Antony Kelly)

The Wildebeest restaurant, Stoke Holy Cross. Greg Adjemian and Daniel Smith (photo: Antony Kelly)

Archant Norfolk 2016

Greg Adjemian and Daniel Smith, best mates since Daniel was 12 and Greg eight, are the driving force behind one of Norfolk’s most successful pub business, G&D Ventures

What are your plans for the business over the next couple of years?

We are lucky to both love what we do and want to continue to expand and continue to grow our brands – basically do more of what we’re doing now.

What are the biggest challenges running the business?

We feel there is a real talent shortage across our industry, as it can be highly competitive with long hours. That’s why we believe in investing heavily in our staff; developing and inspiring young people so they can have a sustainable career in hospitality.

What do you do to relax away from work?

GA – I still work hard finding a healthy work/life balance, particularly at the gym – you know you’re working hard when you’re sweating!

DS – I enjoy the chance to spend as much quality time as I can with my children and my family. To me, that’s what’s really important in life, right?

What is your exercise of choice?

GA – I love to get to the gym and also try and fit in regular yoga classes – they are great for the body and mind.

DS – When I get the chance for some down time it’s great to jump on my motorbike and just get away – blow away the cobwebs. It’s also great thinking time.

Where is your dream holiday destination?

GA – Chilling out in the Maldives with the sparkling blue sea, good company, good food, good times.

DS – I love visiting the South of France with the family – happy days!

What was your first car?

GA – I had a Ford Ka – it got me from A to B – no complaints!

DS –My first car was a Ford Escort 1.1 – it wasn’t very powerful and didn’t have much kudos but it got me off the starting blocks.

What is your favourite luxury item or treat?

GA – I do enjoy a good Cuban cigar – a very rare treat.

DS – My favourite would have to be a Mont Blanc fountain pen – understated luxury and a heritage brand dating back to 1906.

Favourite place in Norfolk?

GA – I love the long, wide sweep of the sandy beach at Gorleston and a walk along the prom.

DS – Mine’s the beach too – at Sea Palling on a warm, sunny day with the family in tow; there’s nothing more beautiful than that view out over the sea.

Greg – do you ever cook for Daniel?

Yes – when I get the opportunity - my Mediterranean speciality is my grandma’s Armenian salad.

Daniel – is Greg a good cook?

He’d like to think so! Well, we always have great fun when we get together outside of work.




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