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PUBLISHED: 14:30 23 September 2013 | UPDATED: 14:30 23 September 2013

EDP Norfolk Magazine. Thetford Grammar School.

EDP Norfolk Magazine. Thetford Grammar School.

Archant 2013

“Floreat Sapientia”

Wymondham College

Principal Melvyn Roffe explains that the motto, which is around the crest on the school logo, is Floreat Sapientia which means “Let Wisdom Flourish”.

“I don’t think we would want to change our motto in 2013 – although we do also use the slogan ‘It’s about life – not just grades’, which I think says a similar sort of thing,” he says, adding: “Education is about transcendent things, not just this year’s league table position.”

The Wymondham College song has the motto as the chorus. The motto was devised by Sir Lincoln Ralphs, the chief education officer of Norfolk at the foundation of the college in 1951. The college crest (taken from the original crest of Wymondham Abbey) contains scallop shells which were the signs carried by pilgrims and, by extension, were signs of wisdom.

“Praemia virtutis honores”

Norwich School

The current motto, Praemia virtutis honores, means honours are the rewards of virtue.

For 2013, headmaster Steffan Griffiths says he’d do something to reflect the school’s ethos and aims. The ethos is that learning and scholarship are at the heart of the broad education that Norwich School provides. Christian values - notably love and compassion for one another - underpin the activities and relationships there.

The aims, he explains, are that: “Norwich School is committed to producing scholarly, reflective young people who are capable of handling difficult concepts and expressing profound thought; providing a rich, varied and broad education that develops the diverse talents of the boys and girls; equipping pupils for leadership and service.”

So for a new motto for 2013 he puts forward “Altitudine latitudine ductus et officium” which means leadership and service through depth and breadth.

“Loyaute me Oblige”

Thetford Grammar

Headmaster Gareth Price and head of English Bradley Young tell us that the school motto is Loyaute me Oblige, which translates as Loyalty Binds Me or We Are Obliged to be Faithful; it has been the guiding philosophy of our school since the 16th century (over 450 years!)

“Whilst this is an ethos which Thetford Grammar Students still strive to follow today, the staff and pupils are aware that we are a modern 21st century school and that we have to look to the future,” they explain. “With that in mind, Thetford Grammar School has developed a newer and more empathetic philosophy in recent times. Nowadays Thetford Grammar School encourages the belief that we are a small, family school which cares for its students. They in turn reap the rewards of becoming successful adults in the modern fields of science, enterprise, and the arts, because of the nurturing environment created by our school.

“Our modern motto would therefore be ‘The small family school which breeds success’.”

Hethersett Old Hall School

Headmaster Stephen Crump says the school, which celebrated its 75th anniversary this year, doesn’t have a motto, but school mottos were recently the subject of an assembly.

“I looked at various other school mottoes and threw out the challenge to the school about what we should have,” he says.

The school does have a strapline phrase which Stephen feels is relevant and appropriate to the school: ‘Space to grow’.

“I think the motto I would like would be ‘Forward together’ as it captures both unity and progress – key things in our school.”

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