You can see the Northern Lights in North Norfolk tonight! Here’s how…

PUBLISHED: 17:17 17 July 2017

Keep your eyes on the skies tonight (photo: cheeseong, Thinkstock)

Keep your eyes on the skies tonight (photo: cheeseong, Thinkstock)


Keep an eye to the sky tonight as this cosmic phenomon may be lighting up the skies in North Norfolk

Normally restricted to high latitude regions such as Norway, Iceland and Canada, this time you don’t have to travel far to see the Northern Lights as they should appear in the sky tonight in Norfolk!

According to weather forecasters, North Norfolk is the prime place in the region to see the Aurora Borealis that is slated to be on display tonight after cloudy weather prevented sky gazers from seeing it yesterday.

You might have to stay up late though as the display could happen at anytime between 10.30pm and 3.30am. And make sure to find somewhere with low light pollution that’s close to the coast for a higher chance of seeing the light display.

This isn’t the first time that Norfolk has seen the dazzling sight; people were grabbing at their phones and cameras to snap the skies in March 2016 too as hues of green and pink danced across the skies.

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