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PUBLISHED: 06:26 29 September 2014

Smarten up a hall with a small console table and lamp

Smarten up a hall with a small console table and lamp


Some quality lights will brighten up a gardenSome quality lights will brighten up a garden

I’d like to give more of a genteel feel to our hall, it’s currently shabby looking and full of coats and bags. What do you suggest?”

A great way to create refinement within the hallway is to introduce elegance with functional and practical items such as a wall clock or telephone.

If your hall is narrow keep the walls light with complimentary pastel colours, such as light greys or creams.

Chrome accents add luxury but keep it simple with just a few statements. Wall clocks and mirrors don’t take up floor space, use small console tables with a flower arrangement in front of a mirror to add depth and elegance, teamed with lobby phone.

Minimum maintenance for maximum statement.

Nicole Pugh, Berrys and Grey, Royal Arcade, Norwich, 01603 627505,

We have LED patio lights fixed through a 42mm hole in the slabs – 12 lights in total. The LED lights are JCC JC7 1022 blue and are stainless steel about 52mm across the top.

We are bitterly disappointed with these lights as only a few show any light, the rest of these lights either do not light up or are very dim in colour.

Our local electrician said that the company that made these lights do not manufacture them anymore and whatever make we purchased they would only work for about a year.

The electrician has told us that he will certainly fit any new lights that we purchase but would not recommend any particular brand as he did not think that any patio lights we brought would last.

The electrician told us the lights we had bought were a good make, they weren’t cheap.

Do you know of a manufacturer that makes these lights and will they work for more than a couple of months?

A manufacturer called Collingwood offers a very similar product which comes with a 7 year warranty, although the cut out required would be 50mm.

They are not the cheapest but they are definitely reliable!

With any electrical item, if you buy quality it lasts longer. Here at Rush Lighting we will happily offer you expert advice on any lighting requirement.

Hannah Green

Abbeygate Lighting (Rush Lighting), Sprowston Road, Norwich, 01603 408777

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