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PUBLISHED: 05:28 08 December 2014

How to remove wax build up

How to remove wax build up


Please could you advise regarding the removal of wax polish which has built up on a veneer table.

UPVC panelsUPVC panels

Please could you advise regarding the removal of wax polish which has built up on a veneer table. The tabletop is smeary and I am unable to rub off the marks.

I would suggest getting a good quality furniture reviver from Classic Finishes of Oak Street, Norwich, which will remove the wax build-up. In the future, try not to keep piling on the wax. Use beeswax once a year, rub it gently every week and the surface will take care of itself.

It does depend on the use of the table however, so if it is a well-used dining table with wine sloshing about, that’s another matter. I try to wax ours every other month and give it a good rub off and give it a good rub in between. If it’s smeary, I use a little bit of white vinegar and buff it off. You do have to be careful that you don’t wreck your table. Using bees’ wax properly, allowing it to oxidize between coats, means you will end up with a very hard and very strong surface.

Dermot Murphy, antique furniture restorer, Kirstead Antique Restoration, Kirstead Hall, Kirstead, NR15 1ER; 01508 558269;

Samsung TV available from Gerald GilesSamsung TV available from Gerald Giles

We’re thinking of having solar PV panels fitted. Our heating system runs on oil. Would we need a new boiler? What other internal changes, and expenses, would there be?

Solar panels do not affect boilers of any type as they are solely about generating electricity, not heating water, so no, you won’t need a new boiler. It is solar thermal, the method for heating water, that is dependent on certain boilers, along with how and when you use hot water.

Solar PV is simply concerned with producing green electricity, which after the initial installation cost, significantly reduces your electricity bills. Since the Feed In Tariff was introduced, every installation also generates money for every kW produced, regardless of whether it is used or sold back to the National Grid. The only expenses are the costs of the installation. The only change internally is a small generation meter that measures the electricity your panels are generating.

Oliver Tappin, Cookes Renewable Energy, Performance House, Barrow Close, Norwich, NR3 2AT; 01603 406052;

After several years without TV we’re thinking of investing in time for the Rugby World Cup. But my daughter, who has just bought one, says she doesn’t get as many channels as she expected and some programmes seem to run an hour behind schedule. Would we need some kind of booster as well as a new screen?

All new televisions have an integrated digital HD tuner, so there’s no need for a separate set top box and all digital televisions work with existing aerial systems. Not only do they look good, but a new flat screen TV is more efficient and takes up less room.

Freeview offers more than 50 TV channels, up to 12 HD channels and 24 radio stations. In fact, over 95pc of the nation’s favourite programmes are available subscription-free. The good news is almost certainly, 98.5pc of the UK population can receive Freeview. There are just a few channels on Freeview, which are an hour behind, but there are also normal channels which allow you to catch up. Television rental is an alternative to buying and starts from as little as £12 a month for a reconditioned TV.

Trevor Thomas, Gerald Giles, Ber Street, Norwich, NR1 3EJ;

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