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PUBLISHED: 10:24 16 May 2013 | UPDATED: 10:24 16 May 2013

Earring bowl, Dotty Pots

Earring bowl, Dotty Pots


The perfect complement

Hingham Furniture’s stylish showroom is filled with quality designs, ranging from bespoke sofas and armchairs to solid oak cabinets and tables.

The New England collection stocked in store is exclusively hand-made in Norfolk, and their Loire range claims to stand the test of time, made with solid European oak. Hingham Furniture also offers every sofa in both fabric and leather.

Among the array of individually tailored items, locally crafted lamps brighten up the space and a brand new item called The Hingham Chair features on display.

Darren Grubb, director, speaks about this exciting new addition to his furniture business: “Classic, compact yet comfortable, this nice neat lounge chair is designed to complement any style of sofa. At the moment we have it upholstered in brand new fabric called Witworth, launched at a fabric show this year. But we can upholster The Hingham Chair to complement any sofa perfectly.”


Dotty about pots

The perfect home accessory for bedroom, bathroom, lounge or kitchen, these handmade Norfolk pots will fit in anywhere.

Pots for soap, pots for oil and even pots for earrings!

Calling herself an obsessive ‘maker’ since childhood, Barbara who lives in Norfolk, designs jugs, mugs, toaster racks and salt and pepper pots from clay - all in her unique spotty creation of soft denim blue and white spot.

Barbara, who works from a little log cabin in her garden said: “Each piece will vary slightly in size, shape or colour, giving them a unique, slightly rustic character. So customers can rest assured, no one will have one exactly the same as yours!”

One special item that that is selling particularly well is Barbara’s earring bowl: “These earring bowls are ever so handy. Normally I just chuck my earrings in a bowl and can never find the pair but with them all hung around the bowl I now wear earrings that I never wore before.”


Recycled riches

Searching for something unique and environmentally friendly? Then look no further than Yvonne Autie’s quirky recycled rugs and delightful doggy cushions.

The vibrant rugs designed by Yvonne, who has been making jewellery for 30 years, are unlike normal everyday rugs. With her inspiration coming from living abroad you can imagine why these rugs seem so wonderfully unusual – especially her use of natural textures.

She explains: “Being someone who cannot bear to throw away anything ‘that may be useful one day’, in an effort to relieve our loft from the weight of stored fabrics I recycle them into rag rugs, quilts and accessories.”

Now settled in North Creake, she says that the pattern of the local landscape and flora and fauna feature strongly in her work.

Don’t miss out on getting your pooch patched on to your pillow. She says: “I design outlines or profiles that resemble closely the owner’s dog, I like to take the photographs myself and work from them so that I can get every single detail.”

Yvonne sells her rag rugs at Open Studios or can be contacted through her website, www.yvonneautie.co.uk

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