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PUBLISHED: 16:35 29 June 2016 | UPDATED: 16:36 29 June 2016

Photos courtesy of Control4

Photos courtesy of Control4

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Think a smart home is something from sci-fi? Businesses like Norfolk Smarthomes offer entire networks of devices for your home as well as the services to install them

Photos courtesy of Control4Photos courtesy of Control4

The clock strikes seven. A cold, grey morning light seeps its way into your bedroom. You wake, but not because of a harsh, jarring alarm clock. You wake because of the gentle increase in volume of music, and because the blinds slowly wind their way up the window.

By the time you’re in the shower, the coffee’s already on downstairs. At seven thirty, the kitchen lights glow warmly. As you wander from room to room getting ready for work, you pull out your smartphone and switch from your music to the radio to catch the morning news. The broadcaster’s voice bubbles happily from each room.

Photos courtesy of Control4Photos courtesy of Control4

As you head off for work, a single button on your phone does everything for you. Lights? Off. Television? Off. Radio? Off.

Then maybe you’re watching a movie late at night. There’s a knock on the door you don’t expect, but the screen on your phone and the camera on the outside wall tell you exactly who’s there. And as you hit the hay later on, a single button locks down the house. Lights off, doors locked, blinds down, heating down, alarm on.

Photos courtesy of Control4Photos courtesy of Control4

Once upon a time, the smart home was the realm of science fiction. A seamlessly integrated network of devices and media platforms was something that seemed best at home in Star Trek.

But as society accelerates towards the ‘Internet of Things’ at record pace, a smart home is readily available to you or me. Electronics companies can now set up entire media and control centres throughout people’s homes, allowing the homeowner to do everything from heating up water to checking security cameras from the palm of their hand.

This scenario isn’t just for the young or the tech-savvy. Imagine a person in their older years or with a disability that restricts their movement. Imagine having everything they need to control within easy reach – a universal remote for the entire home.

Everything is controlled from a single mobile app, which swiftly becomes the homeowners control centre. Music volume, switching from Netflix to Amazon Video, dimming the lights, locking the doors, is all the remit of the app on a phone or a tablet. This makes remote access nice and easy too, with users able to check on and control their homes from anywhere in the world.

A smart home doesn’t have to span the entire house, either. Smaller systems can limit the technology to a single room, giving the user plenty of flexibility to build to their needs.

Either way, the days of intricate and isolated systems are over. Your home wants to keep with the times, and as the world becomes more homogenised and boundaries blur together, it’s only fitting that your house does well.

Businesses like Norfolk Smarthomes offer individual products and entire networks of devices as well as the services to install them. For more details on making your house smarter, visit them at or call them on 01379 450125.

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