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PUBLISHED: 05:46 12 January 2015

A fruit inspired table setting

A fruit inspired table setting


It is during times such as Christmas when we are entertaining that we discover how well our homes suit our needs.

A trusty drinks trolleyA trusty drinks trolley

Well, here we are almost at the end of another year and I can happily report that my home is finished and ready for the Christmas festivities. After close on two years of camping in the guest bedroom and using the kitchen in the showroom to cook and eat meals, it is with great relief to now be able to enjoy the hard work that we have put in to creating our dream home.

It is during times such as Christmas when we are entertaining that we discover how well our homes suit our needs. For instance, older properties may have difficult layouts with small kitchens not designed to fit in quite so many appliances or dining rooms along the hallway from the kitchen making it quite a task when having a dinner party. If you are thinking of making changes in the future it is worth noting anything that does not work for you. It might be that having a table in the kitchen

would work better than having a separate dining room or that the layout of the kitchen could be improved for ease of working.

We were lucky that our kitchen and dining room were already adjacent – in fact the dining room is the only room that has not changed size. Adding decorative touches to a dining room really is all about getting a good balance of colour and texture. The dining table is the functional centrepiece of the room and takes up a lot of floor space and can look overpowering depending on the finish but this can be softened by adding a table runner in a contrasting textured fabric such as a smooth linen

to a rustic wood table.

Inspired by the ochre walls and beams, I have chosen fruit as the theme for my table setting this Christmas, mixing glitter-coated and bead-encrusted faux fruit decorations with dried orange rings and cinnamon sticks to echo our mix of traditional architecture and contemporary furniture and not look out of place alongside our African art.

Fashions go round in circles, and every now and then various homeware icons from a different decade or century resurface. With our changing lifestyle and advancement in technology, an updated version of such a piece is usually produced to fit in with 21st century living. However the trusty drinks trolley has remained unchanged. It is crazy to think that in the 1970s this would sit alongside a large cabinet containing a record player and radio. Now we could actually use it to house an iPod dock with plenty of room to spare. As a lover of retro styles I couldn’t resist putting a

modern trolley into my own home – top of my Christmas list is a pineapple-shaped ice bucket to complete the look!

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