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PUBLISHED: 05:32 02 February 2015

Grey Seals on the beach at Horsey.  Picture: James Bass

Grey Seals on the beach at Horsey. Picture: James Bass

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Eilish Rothney is a volunteer and press officer for the Friends of Horsey Seals, which works to protect the grey seal population that visits this stretch of the east Norfolk coast from disturbance by the public.

Seals at Horsey beach

I have been involved with the Friends of Horsey Seals since it started, and I am probably down at the beach at least once a week. Last week there were over 400 and we do a weekly count. Our aim is to led the population behave in as natural a way as possible.

We are always very sensitive in not encouraging too many visitors to see the seals at Horsey as it can course a lot of distress to the seals – although on busy days like Boxing Day and New Year’s Day we can get thousands of people visiting.

We do have an ongoing issue with the seal colony stretching beyond the area we are wardening, and would always urge people to stay at least 15m away from the seals and to not get between the sea and the seal. But we hope that we are also succeeding in gradually educating people that they can have a better view of the seals from the dunes. Our wardens – who are all volunteers – are very knowledgeable about the seals and want to make people’s visits to see them enjoyable, so they are happy to explain the behaviour of seals.

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