Gregg Lowe: The Netflix superhero from Great Yarmouth

PUBLISHED: 11:33 06 April 2020

Gregg Lowe (photo: Matt Crockett)

Gregg Lowe (photo: Matt Crockett)

Picture: Matt Crockett

He might be an action star to millions but actor Gregg Lowe loves nothing more than bracing dips in the sea and mushy peas when he’s back home

Gregg Lowe is a superstar superhero – and credits his childhood in Great Yarmouth for his acting success. He has just finished filming a new Netflix series, coming to our television screens later this year, in which he plays a superhero and was also Ink in X-Men.

Gregg discovered drama early. “Mum used to take us to the theatre all the time as kids,” he said. “We went to see a pantomime at St George’s Theatre and I remember seeing these three bears dressed up and just really wanted to be a bear.” At five he joined a drama club for children, at six he was on stage at St George’s in a production of Cinderella and at eight he won his first professional role, in Peter Pan at the Cambridge Theatre, London.

Today Gregg, now 33, travels between London, Toronto and New York for work, but returns to Yarmouth as often as he can, to see family and friends, and to enjoy a swim in the sea, whatever the weather.

“I always get out on the beach. I like to keep fit so I go for runs along the beach, go to my friend’s gym. And I love mushy peas from the chip stall on Yarmouth Market, and sometimes treat myself to chips too.”

“Great Yarmouth is where it all began,” said Gregg, “I’m very keen to retain a close connection with my roots and to inspire people from home. And his message is: “Just believe in yourself. You never know what’s going to happen. If you have a real passion for something, just follow it, follow your heart. It can happen to anyone.”

Gregg attended Cliff Park High School in Gorleston, and trained with Stage Door in Norfolk and the National Youth Theatre, before going to drama school. His sister is an illustrator in Vancouver, Canada, and Gregg said of their parents: “They were just really supportive of us.”

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He joined Mama Mia in the West End and had a recurring role in ITV’s Granchester, before winning a leading part in the American crime series Jett, alongside Giancarlo Esposito (Gus Fring in Breaking Bad) which is now showing on Sky this side of the Atlantic.

But in 2015 Gregg went into cardiac arrest just after completing the Toronto marathon. A trainee paramedic gave him CPR and saved his life. He has since found out that he was technically dead for several minutes. “It’s been called sudden death syndrome and I’m still having tests,” said Gregg, who now has a defibrillator fitted.

“It certainly makes you take stock of what you are doing. It makes you realise your mortality and gives you an appreciation of life. I kind of feel that I have been doing what I want to do anyway. I’m still following my heart and dreams. It did influence my decision not to take life too seriously and try and focus on other people.”

Gregg might be working and socialising with celebs but he said: “People are just people, whether you are a movie star or are selling mushy peas.”

His new Netflix role is in a series called Jupiter’s Legacy, which should hit our screens this summer. Gregg plays superhero Flaming Fists (his super power is shooting fire from his fists) in a new series based on a comic strip. “It’s like Marvel but there is more violence and sex and it’s a bit gritty and dark!” he said.

So what super power would he choose in real life? “I would love to be able to speak and understand any language, including animals’ languages!” said Gregg. Already an expert in many different accents he would love to take that ability several steps further. He is not able to have a pet himself because he has to move around so much for his work. “There is a lot of living out of suitcases,” he said. “I’m a very minimal packer because I have to travel so much. I’m always having to reduce my life down to 27kg to get on an aeroplane. My bike is in Toronto, my books are in New York...” However, his first home, and the place he always returns to, is Yarmouth.

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