Readers’ pets gallery 2019

PUBLISHED: 13:24 15 July 2019 | UPDATED: 13:29 15 July 2019

Megan, Echo and Eira by Tanya Dutt

Megan, Echo and Eira by Tanya Dutt


From cute Guinea pigs to cheeky chickens, daring dogs to commanding cats, Norfolk’s pets are a gorgeous, much loved lot

We certainly are a county which loves its pets - we asked you to send in photographs of your beloved companions and you didn't disappoint.

From the hundreds of entries, we were only able to include a small selection of your fabulous pictures and it was not an easy choice. Thank you to everyone who added photographs of their pets to our Facebook and Instagram pages, they really were absolutely fantastic - we hope you enjoy seeing them as much as we have.

- Jane

"Sadly no longer with us, Jane, our elderly Parson Jack Russell, passed away aged about 17 years old," says owner Jan Wilson, from near King's Lynn. "I had read an article about pet photography so took Jane plus my German Shepherd Tara and my cat with treats, beds, toys etc into our garden to practice what I had read. It wasn't too successful. Tara and the cat ran off immediately. I think that look from Jane says 'well, what do you want me to do then?'"

Jane by Jan WilsonJane by Jan Wilson

- Mica

Mica is 18 months old and was rescued from Romania. Owner Jo Butler, from Walpole St Andrew, adopted her from the fantastic Ravenswood Pet Rescue.

"Mica definitely didn't have the best of starts, and there have been plenty of challenges, but she is making up for lost time with lots of beautiful long walks in and around the local villages, swimming sessions and playtime with her new found friends. We couldn't love her more and she had brought a new level of joy to our lives."

Mica by Jo ButlerMica by Jo Butler

- Megan, Echo and Eira (lead image)

These three gorgeous girls are pictured chilling out at Castle Acre. Owned by Tanya Dutt, from Wormegay, they represent three generations, grandma Megan, who is 11 years old, daughter Eira, who is six years old, and grand daughter Echo, who is just 11 weeks old.

- Pepper

Three-year old Guinea pig Pepper lives in Norwich with her sister Petal. "We'd wrapped her in a towel after a little bath, and she wasn't impressed," says owner Alison Jacob.

Pepper by Alison JacobPepper by Alison Jacob

- Zac

Beverly Pemberton and her family got Zac, a Staffordshire bull terrier, pictured here at Gresham, near Holt, from the RSPCA.

"He was ill treated as a puppy and was six months old when we rescued him. Zac is now 11 years old and is the most loving dog you could ever wish to meet."

Zac by Beverley PembertonZac by Beverley Pemberton

- Rio

Five-year-old Rio the spaniel loves her adventures on Norfolk's beaches, like hereat Winterton.

"She has a lovely nature and character and comes everywhere with us," says owner Charlene Green, from Hemsby. "She absolutely loves to swim and people often point and say look there's a seal and then realise it's her swimming."

Rio by Charlene GreenRio by Charlene Green

- DuCati

Jan Green, from Dereham, named her beloved Bengal-cross cat after her love of all things Italian - and her Ducati motorbike.

"She is eight years old, very playful and loves nothing more than to play fight and chase her best friend Livi, our terrier. On my return home from work everyday, she is always waiting for me at the garden gate."

DuCati by Jan GreenDuCati by Jan Green

- Honey

Honey is a seven-year-old cockapoo, and says owner Bozena Thompson, from Dersingham, she is a very mischievous girl. "She likes to steal our slippers and dig endless holes in our back garden but she is very sweet natured." This photograph was taken at Norfolk Lavender in Heacham.

Honey by Bozena ThompsonHoney by Bozena Thompson

- Missy

This gorgeous cat Missy loves nothing more than hanging out among the flowers in the garden at her home in Long Stratton.

"We were very lucky as she had an eye infection at a few weeks old and became very poorly. However she survived and has given us a lot of joy for the past 16 years," says owner Donna Medcalf.

Missy by Donna MedcalfMissy by Donna Medcalf

- Maggie and Jess

These two gorgeous dogs - Maggie with her sticky up ears and her buddy Jess - loved curling up together.

"Maggie has been my rock since I lost my husband last June to prostate cancer and never leaves my side," says Trish Abbott, from Reedham. "We sadly lost Jess but when she was with us, they were the best of friends and knew just where to find the sunniest spot to lay."

Maggie and Jess by Trish AbbottMaggie and Jess by Trish Abbott

- Blue

Nine-month old Blue is a cheeky seal point Ragdoll cat owned by Kerry and Dan Ellis from Stratton Strawless, who loves exploring the back garden.

Blue by Kerry and Dan EllisBlue by Kerry and Dan Ellis

- Tetley, Henry and Lucy

These three playmates love hanging out in the garden of their home in Heacham together, says owner Julie Winter. Tetley, who is a Sulcata tortoise, is five years old and will grow very large; he has his own shed with heating and comes and goes as he pleases - often joined by Henry and Lucy the continental giant rabbits, who also have their own shed.

Tetley, Henry and Lucy by Julie WinterTetley, Henry and Lucy by Julie Winter

- Shiva, Darcy and Bindi

Jane Colman and her family from Arminghall have three generations of black Labradors - 12-year-old Shiva, her daughter Darcy, who is seven, and Shiva's grand daughter and Darcy's niece Bindi, who is still a pup.

"The week before this photograph, we had lost our beloved dachshund and were all feeling very sad. Our friend Douglas came over to take some photos of our dogs to cheer us up. The photos did the job as we were so happy to see what a beautiful bunch we have!"

Shiva, Darcy and Bindi by Jan ColmanShiva, Darcy and Bindi by Jan Colman

- Lucy

Lucy is a Holland lop rabbit who lives with her rabbit friend Rory in Taverham. They love digging in the garden and chasing each other, but Lucy is very cuddly with her family, says owner Sophie Cockburn.

Lucy by Sophie CockburnLucy by Sophie Cockburn

- Patches

This photograph of cockapoo Patches was taken on Cromer beach, one of her favourite spots.

"I think we should have called her Jane, as in calamity Jane. She's a bit of a thunderbolt and loves to race on the beaches, either playing ball or chasing the seagulls off her beach," says owner Jenny Harmer, from North Walsham.

Patches by Jenny HarmerPatches by Jenny Harmer

- Domino

Rescue cat Domino is eight years old and was adopted, along with his brother Salem, by his owner Alice King. They were left on the doorstep of a local cattery and have been enjoying life in their new home in King's Lynn ever since.

Domino by Alice KingDomino by Alice King

- Charlie

Seven-year-old bearded dragon Charlie loves nothing more than eating wax worms and cuddling in bed with her owners. "This was taken on our couch at home where she loves to climb up to look out the window at the birds, but only from afar," says owner Dawn Staff, from Norwich.

Charlie by Dawn StaffCharlie by Dawn Staff

- Bailey and Smudge

This is real brotherly love between Bailey and Smudge at their home in Tharston. "Bailey and Smudge are five years old and came to us as kittens. The bond between them is just so heart warming they can often be found playing, sleeping together and running away from our 18 month old puggle" says Julie Starling.

Bailey and Smudge by Julie StarlingBailey and Smudge by Julie Starling

- Mazikeen

This photo of Mazikeen, or Maze for short, an eight and half month old cockerdor, was taken on the early May bank holiday on the Sandringham Estate by owner Rachel Bryce, from Diss.

Mazikeen by Rachel BryceMazikeen by Rachel Bryce

- Elvis the tortoise

Kevin Fawkes, from West Winch, has owned Elvis the tortoise since 1977 - hence his name!

Elvis by Kevin FawkesElvis by Kevin Fawkes

- Woody

Five-year-old Labrador retriever Woody loves running around on the beach, like here at Happisburgh, says owner Susie Catchpole from Sutton.

Woody by Susie CatchpoleWoody by Susie Catchpole

- Fergie and Woody

These two dudes are busy watching birds nesting in their garden in Beccles - wearing their special Easter bandanas. Fergie and Woody, miniature dachshunds, are owned by Lynnette Meadows.

Fergie and Woody by Lynnette MeadowsFergie and Woody by Lynnette Meadows

- Spikey Mikey

We love this magnificent fellow, an African pygmy hedgehog called Spikey Mikey. Owned by Tracy Halls, from Hunstanton, he is 18 months old and his favourite food is wax-worms.

Spikey Mikey by Tracy HallsSpikey Mikey by Tracy Halls

- Little chicken

This cheeky chicken is one of Felicity Baker-Attew's lavender Pekin Bantams. Felicity runs The Chicken Lady, at Hanworth, and is a breeder of these unusual birds, which she says have wonderful personalities.

Little chicken by Felicity Baker-AttewLittle chicken by Felicity Baker-Attew

- Jasmine

Bengal cat Jasmine is enjoying a snooze in a paper carrier bag next to one of her favourite things, a catnip filled stuffed toy mouse, says owner Gary Pearson from Dersingham.

Jasmine by Gary PearsonJasmine by Gary Pearson

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