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PUBLISHED: 05:44 09 March 2015

Managing director of Winsor Bishop, Sophie Fulford, with her handbag. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Managing director of Winsor Bishop, Sophie Fulford, with her handbag. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

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We take a peek inside the handbag of jeweller Sophie Fulford to see what little essentials she can’t be without.

iPhone 5. Picture: DENISE BRADLEYiPhone 5. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

As co-owner and managing director of Winsor Bishop Jewellers in Norwich, Sophie Fulford is preparing for one of her busiest and favourite times of the year, Valentine’s Day.

“It is always a really enjoyable time as people are coming in because they have fallen in love and want to buy something special. This year we are also collecting customers’ personal stories about how they met and what they are celebrating as part of a new project in the store, and some of them are so lovely.”

Juggling running the business with motherhood, Sophie says her bag is filled with work must-haves and family necessities.

“I use a few different handbags and I just grab the nearest one as I am on my way out. I would like to say that I choose one that coordinates perfectly with my outfit but sadly that isn’t the case. As long as I throw in my handful of absolute essentials then it doesn’t really matter which one I choose. Every few weeks I clear them out and find all sorts,” laughs Sophie, who is the sixth generation to run the family business. “I like handbags that have a distinct look and they come from all different places. Some are from market stalls, others are from well known designers. This bag is from Ralph Lauren and I just loved the black and cream herringbone design.”

Coloured light filters. Picture: DENISE BRADLEYColoured light filters. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

iPhone 5, prices vary.

My phone is literally my nerve centre. I live by lists and write them all on my phone. I use it as a diary for work and family, and for recording voice memos to remind myself to do things which usually pop into my head at random times.

Converse trainers. Picture: DENISE BRADLEYConverse trainers. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Coloured light filters, Amazon, £7.80 for seven.

The lights get really hot in our window displays so we are testing different coloured filters to see how they perform under the extreme heat and how they can change the mood of the display and look of the jewellery.

Pale blue Converse trainers, Office, £30.

MAC Strobe cream. Picture: DENISE BRADLEYMAC Strobe cream. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

I always wear high heels at work, but I wear my Converse to walk to and from the car park and on the school run. I get some odd looks as quite often I will be wearing a smart dress and then these old trainers.

MAC Strobe cream, Jarrold’s Norwich store, £20.

I wear this under my make-up every day as it works magic. It transforms you from looking absolutely exhausted after two hours sleep, having been up with the children, to looking fabulous. It really is a great quick fix.

Diamond butterfly earrings. Picture: DENISE BRADLEYDiamond butterfly earrings. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Pair of diamond butterfly earrings, Winsor Bishop.

I usually have a spare pair of earrings and change them depending on what I am doing. These are very beautiful and very special to me as they were a present from my husband on our daughter Martha’s first birthday.

Haribo Starmix. Picture: DENISE BRADLEYHaribo Starmix. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

And a little something else . . .

Haribo Starmix, from £1

I know it’s naughty, but I just love them, as of course do my kids. The red hearts with the soft white backs are my favourites. I always have a packet for that mid-afternoon lull.

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